Hello World,

Found interest in everything computers at the age of 7 as I had a computer and an Atari video game console, love computer security, and everything that intersects. Grew up moving from country to country which helped expose different cultures = different adaptations. If I am not facing problems I am failing at something.

I started hacking into computers early on, always was interested in everything that gets me hooked, played lots of video games made some cool achievements, was the photoshop guy in school, started managing creators around that time too, built, scaled, sold online communities. Did get suspended from school multiple times, used to ditch school to learn hacking. I believe in integrity, nobility, and honesty.

Some quotes I wrote: “A vision is feasible for the visionary and impractical for the vision less” “Do great work! and always question the current thing” “Give to be given”.


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